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July 18, 2006
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Kangaroo chibi by CatharsisJB Kangaroo chibi by CatharsisJB
While looking up pics to decide whether I wanted to give him pawpads or claws, I decided that kangaroos have the most disgusting feet in the animal kingdom.


Polymer clay, baked and painted.
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Wow! Love the tail and all the fun stretches of imagination! I know.. kangaroos, realistically, are the aussie equivalent of cows... we love to make them look cute, but in person it can be a different story. But yeah. The top view you did is especially cute! I'm curious why you did the mouth that way, as I thought that more of a 'bunny' style mouth would be more approved for chibi-ness :shrug:
I made the mouth look as much like a kangaroo's closed mouth as I could, while keeping it simple. *shrug* Their mouths don't look exactly rabbit like.
*grins* ah, I do agree there. Making it complicated would ruin it. Hence, I need a real big mental makeover before I'd ever be able to do chibi's.... I so love complicating things unnecessarily xD
oh, and I forgot to mention... my very favorite part are the ears... oh man... cuddley cute!
What are you talking about? The feet are perfect. :giggle:
butterfly-dragon Jul 19, 2006  Hobbyist Writer
uhm... i dunno... the "front" paws that i looked up might look somewhat like hands with really long claws, but the rear paws look rather normal like the ones on dogs...
o__O Kangaroo feet look nothing like doggie feet. [link]
Kangaroo foot

(At least the last three in this pic, if not more)

Doggie paws look like this:
[link] (Imprints)
butterfly-dragon Jul 20, 2006  Hobbyist Writer
Uh... ok... i was so utterly wrong that i should be zidaned :zidane:...

Problem is that in most of the pictures i found the feet were only seen from the top or in mid-jump and from those they did not look like that...

After googling a little i'd like to add something as a side note: the only hind paws in the second picture that are of real cangaoos are number 3 and 4, the first is of a opossum-like muskrat, the second is that of a kangaroo RAT and the last three are of wildlife that lives on trees that has more of a resemblance with opossums than kangaroos.

The paw number three is of a tree inhabiting kangaroo ... thing ... and the fourth one is of a more normal land-based kangaroo

The alien-like double-finger is quite weird though.
calbeck Jul 19, 2006
This is so ubercute I want to squeal like a little girl.

That kinda creeps me out, when I think about it...
They do look nasty, dont they? lol, but your Kanga is so cute! *pokes the wild 'roos down the road* wish they were as pretty... and smelt like clay and paint instead of grossness....* XD
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